Your FAIRBAIRN DNA Project Needs YOU
Your DNA Project Needs You - Kitchener aka Lorna
Information on the FAIRBAIRN lineages where participants are needed

The lines listed are those where either there is as yet no representative in the DNA Project, or one that needs clarification or verification.
Eligible males, ie any who can document their direct father/son descent from those listed here, would be most welcome to join the project.
If able and willing to help, check out the at project FAQs etc, and when ready, and comfortable that this is a harmless process, we would love for you to join us.

The project may be able to subsidise up to 37 markers for particular lines, although please note that the preferred test is 67 markers (more than 67 markers initially is overkill, less than 37 is anthropology rather than genealogy).
Donations from anyone wishing to help finance the fun can be made via a secure Contribution link on the FamilyTree DNA Fairbairn project pages (project Fairburn).

These days our dna testing options have expanded. Whilst the quickest, surest way to prove two lines connect remains Y-DNA testing of direct male line FAIRBAIRNs, it is no longer the only option.
We have a growing number of FamilyFinder test participants with FAIRBAIRN ancestry, and as the data from these is combined, we gain additional insights on links between families.
FamilyFinder is a great DNA test when looking for relations within the last 4-6 generations max (although many have confirmed relationships detected back beyond 6 generations).
It tests the autosomal DNA (atDNA) we all inherit, randomly, from all of our ancestors.
This is unlike the specific Y-DNA tests which only males can take to learn about their direct male line only, ie fatherís fatherís father etc, or the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) that we all hold, but is only passed on by mothers to their children and tells you only about the direct maternal line, motherís motherís mother etc.
Those are only two of your many lines of inheritance. What about all the rest? Which is where atDNA comes in.

Because the inheritance pattern is random as to which bits of which ancestorís dan makes it down the generations, once you get back to say 4th cousins, there's only a 50% chance that a specific ancestor's dna will have survived for comparison, so it's the luck of the draw that a match can be detected via this means in distant cousins.

All of these dna tests are painless (no blood involved), done in your own home, may be as private as you wish (although too private negates the reason for testing, comparison with others to mutually explore shared ancestry), and have nothing to do with forensic or medical testing.
Please read the FamilyTree DNA FAQ pages at the link above for further information.†

  • WANTED! Index People from the wanted lines with some information included on this site

Lines still unrepresented

Lines with puzzles to solve

Line of William & Alison (CLINKSCALE) FAIRBAIRN
This family was expected to match the other Greenlaw FAIRBAIRNs already represented in Lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1). So, although we do have a confirmed dna signature for one line, that of George, brother to James and William, other representatives for these different lines would be good, "just in case", because the participants are in Haplogroup R1b1.

Lines where additional representatives would be "nice to have"

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